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name: Chelsea
age: 15
nationality: German Sweedish African american
location: Bolingbrook, IL
martial status: Single
favorte book (s) : Everything by VC Andrews and The vampire Cronicles by Anne Rice
favorite band (s): Incubus; Blink-182; Maroon 5; Beastie Boys; Blondie; and almost all other 80's music
hobbies/interest: `singing my heart out in the shower` Football; volleyball; hanging with friends; Internet

please post 3 clear pictures of yourself, please don`t make them too big.



If you Need mods. I can be one if you want


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sorry for not having any stamps :( I'll give u one once they get made

don`t forget to invite ppl u think should join and promote like crazy !
Do you need mods?
and i just promoted to like 3 communities.. Hope some more people join!