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Since this community isn't deleted, i'm going to try to revive it. I'm going to make a new application, new rules, promo banners, and all that good stuff. If your still in it with my comment to this post. Otherwise i'll assume your out.
Your Mod//Chelsea.


for the Nationality question, do you want people's actual nationalities, as in what country they are a citizen of? or do you want, like, their heritage/ethnicity? I'm not trying to sound like a bitch, I'm j/w.
STILL whoring the shxt out of this place, hopefully we will get some more applicants soon.<33
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I see that some members have left already & it would have been nice if they informed me that they were leaving :[ Anywhoo, I`m going to be deleting their application and what not. We still have like 8 spots open ! lol. I`ll do some more whoring of this community, but if nothing happens by next week, then im going to have to close this community ! Hopefully it won`t come down to that..
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