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Fresca and Rachel Saydarno.

Whats your Name? Christiana Gabrielle Garwood
How old are you? 16
Male or Female? Female
Where do you live? 407. Orlando, Florida

Favorite Bands (8+): Coheed and Cambria. Tegan and Sara. The Postal Service. The Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Bikini Kill. The Killers. Modest Mouse. Bright Eyes. Eighteen Visions. Carina Round. Muse. I'll stop.
Favorite books: Desperation by Stephen King
Favorite Tv Shows: Best Week Ever, South Park, The OC
Favorite Movies: Thirteen, Donnie Darko, The Hours, Say Anything, Ghost Town
What do you do when your home alone?: Listen to music all the way up.
Favorite Color?: Black

Which do you like better Fall or Spring? Spring because it allows for beautiful pictures.
What would you do if you came face to face with bigfoot? Ask for his autograph and if he wants to be in my band.
Polka dots or stripes? Polka dots anyday.
What is one major goal in your life? To be a friggin' rock star.
If you could live in one era what would it be? Era... would the 80s be an era? I breathe the 80s.
Make us laugh.. Girls from the baywatch make my penis sneeze

Opinions (Make it longer then 2 sentences please)
Reality television:
Makes me feel really good about myself. It makes me laugh because all the self-inflicted drama. Personally, I find them really funny and great and blissfully corny and so unreal it's comically iron it's called "reality".
Britney Spears: Is really not that pretty and not a great singer. She's got a nice body sometimes. She's a really lucky lady and if I were her I would do the same thing. Make millions on a little talent...I envy her.
George W. Bush: Went to war for a stupid reason and doesn't approve of gay marriage! Other than that I think he's a pretty nice average gay just like every other construction worker. I think he's sweet, but unfit to be president.
Abortion: I'm pro-choice. I wouldn't do it (or what am I to say...I've never been through it), but I would rather give women a choice. Freedom of choice.

Rating Communities: They are sooo fun. I adore all the vain people that think I'm ugly. They don't intimidate me at all though. It's great. I need to join some.

What's your definition of "hot"? Hot is anything that is  beautiful, cool, and makes you get a boner.
What makes you "Extra Hot"? I'm hot without even being attractive. Yeah. That's fetch.

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Not really clear, sorry, but yeah. There I am.

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